Outfield Asia

Site-Specific Success

Profiting with the Right Grass for the Job

  • Off-site growing of custom imported seed, chosen especially for site conditions
  • Winter establishment on site, allowing for fast spring opening, and income

ONE imported Pure Dynasty seeded paspalum for Tuan Chau Golf Club, in northeastern Vietnam, and custom-grew the turfgrass for a fast project completion and club opening.

ONE recommended Pure Dynasty because, with the right technical programs, Pure Dynasty would continue to grow through the northern Vietnamese winter, which would allow the club to plant in September and open in April.

Many zoysia and Bermudagrass strains will not grow in cooler weather, but the planting program and technical support, including on-site supervision, that ONE could offer made Tuan Chau’s tight winter establishment window a success, and a much faster route to profitability.

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